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The Buachaille Dash

2020 watch this space...

...a fire has been lit.....plans are afoot.....

For details of what we got up to in previous years have a wee browse through the page or head to our Facebook page here for the latest updates. You can also post any questions you have about the event or alternatively you can email us at events@rannochadventureseries.com

We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

The Routes

Click here to see the different routes.

The Full Dash - 34 miles

As the title says. Across the moor, up and down the Buachaille and back across the moor. This is approx 30 miles and a Munro thrown in just to test you (just under 35 miles in total).

The Half Dash - 29 miles

Across the moor to the base of the Buachaille, stop for a nice sausage sandwich and a catch up with our fab volunteers and then back across the moor (approximately 30 miles).

The Part Dash - 19 miles

Across the moor and up and down the Buachaille. We can then arrange to get you to Bridge of Orchy for the 14:49 train back to Rannoch Station which gets in at 15:10.

The Mini Dash - 14.5 miles

Across Rannoch Moor to the foot of the Buachaille. We can then arrange to get you to Bridge of Orchy to get the train back to Rannoch Station.

Select your package and sign up for the event

This year we have booked the Rannoch Outdoor Centre in Kinloch Rannoch. The centre sleeps 24 people in 4 and 6 person dorms. We are able to offer 2 nights accommodation with continental breakfast and Saturday evening BBQ for £50. The Loch Rannoch Hotel is nearby should you prefer.

If you would like to take part on the 2nd of July you can sign up at our Eventbrite page. For further information you can visit our Facebook page by clicking here. Alternatively you can email us at events@rannochadventureseries.com

Volunteer to help at the event

One of our fantastic volunteers from a previous years Dash was Hannah Schorah who was stationed at the base of the Buachaille. Read what she had to say about the event.

"Absolute pleasure to be part of the Buachaille Dash team of volunteers. My job was to stand surrounded by stunning scenery waiting to sign runners in through the check point...it's a tough life. Great event and great people, I'd recommend it to anyone. A tip for fellow volunteers would be to bring lots of layers; it can get chilly out there. Here's to a bigger and better dash in 2015. Get involved!"

The Buachaille Dash would not be possible without the help of a small army of volunteers. We need your help to make it a success! We are looking for people to help out at key checkpoints on the route.

These are as follows; Rannoch Station, Rannoch Moor and the Mountain check points.

If you would like to brighten the faces of our running enthusiasts and have some time to spare on the 2nd of July please email The Rannoch Adventure Series at events@rannochadventureseries.com

Accommodation Options

Rannoch Outdoor Centre For 2016 we have booked the Rannoch Outdoor Adventure Centre which is set up with dorm rooms. The Centre is in the village of Kinloch Rannoch and we have booked it out for the Friday & Saturday night.

If you want to book accommodation at the outdoor centre you will need to buy a ticket for your selected dash and a ticket for the accommodation. There is limited space so book early to guarantee your bed. Click here to be taken to our Eventbrite page.

The MacDonald Loch Rannoch Hotel is situated just outside of Kinloch Rannoch along the North shore. They are very welcoming, have good rooms, a lovely restaurant and they have a pool. Most importantly the hotel has the only bar in the area!

Click Here to be taken to their website.

The Moor of Rannoch Hotel is located directly at the start of the Buachaille Dash at Rannoch Train Station. The hotel is warm and cosy and serves up a good dose of Scottish hospitality. They have a limited number of rooms available and are very handy for the Dash.

Click Here to be taken to their website.

Kilverecht campsite is located along the South side of Loch Rannoch for the more adventurous fo you out there. They have wash facilities on site and even have their own Midge traps!

Click Here for more information about staying there.

Safety Information

We do want to encourage people to take part HOWEVER it is important that people are appropriately prepared so that they do not endanger themselves or the safety of others therefore before signing up please consider the following points;

1.You will be entirely responsible for your own safety, way finding and ensuring you do not endanger the safety of others.

2.The event takes place over remote and exposed wild countryside which is in places not accessible by vehicle. You will be on your own and unsupported for the majority of the route.

3.If you are considering entering the Full Dash you should be physically fit enough to complete distance of 34 miles over rough exposed terrain and climb a Munro (Mountain of over 3000ft high) within 12 hours unsupported (including rest breaks).

4.All entrants should have experience of hill walking and navigating using a map and compass prior to the event

5.You will need to bring your own clothing and equipment and ensure it is appropriate for the conditions.


A few of the charities that we like to support are listed below. Click the links to be taken to their sites to find out more about fund raising for them.

Why are we doing this

The Buachaille Dash was one of several challenges that pupils at former boarding school Rannoch School used to do. Pupils would volunteer every summer to run 'The Dash' for no greater prize than the feeling of accomplishment from finishing, and the respect and admiration from their peers. Ok so it's not quite like scaling Everest but at that age it felt like it!

In 2011 a group of former pupils from Rannoch School got together to run the Dash in memory of our dear friend Charlotte who sadly passed untimely from us in 2008. At the time we did the run to try and help raise awareness for the Arrhythmia Alliance and CRY Cardiac Risk in the Young.

We still try to raise money for charity but these days we encourage individuals to use the Dash as a vehicle to raise money for the charities which are close to them, fundraising is not compulsory and we would welcome you in any capacity. We are all like minded people and at the end of the day we do it for the love of the great outdoors and of running.

After the inaugural event in 2011 we realised how unique the challenges were that we did at our old School and decided that we would try to bring them to a wider audience so that everyone could enjoy them. The Buachaille Dash is just one of the challenges we used to do and we hope to bring you many more in the future.


We would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at events@rannochadventureseries.com with any queries regarding the Buachaille Dash and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

From time to time we all make mistakes, if you spot any on our website or have any comments about how we might improve the site to give you a better experience then please let us know at admin@rannochadventureseries.com

Alternatively you can find us on Facebook.